Power Tower Station Reviews – How to do Pull Ups at Home!

Hi, and thank you for clicking this article. At first, I was making a page about door way pull up bar reviews. There were many people asking, “Do pull up bars damage your door frame?” (click here to read article) I came to the conclusion that it might be better just to get a power tower station for your home. It is a little more expensive, but offers some advantages over a door way pull up bar. You can get some high quality power tower stations for as low as ~$100.

So, if you were wondering how to do pull ups at home, then this article will give what I think is the best way.




What is a Power Tower?

A Power Tower is a metal frame with a sturdy base that gives you the options to do pull ups, dips, and other body weight exercises. Power towers are useful for working out with a limited amount of space.

Power Towers give you a place to do bodyweight exercises like pull ups, dips, and leg raises. Some of them have special push up bars attached so you can have your wrists in a safer position during push ups. You might wonder if the Power Tower will tip over. The main thing that prevents them from tipping over is the wide footprint. Some Power Towers come with suction cups on the base, another good way to prevent it from tipping.




Power towers for around $100

Both are rated for 250 lb / 113.40 kg.




Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

Click here to buy it on Amazon –>Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

The Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower is a great place to start. Right now it is a little under $100. Gold’s Gym is a well known company when it comes to fitness equipment. This is a nice option because it gives you options for a parallel grip as well as an overhand or underhand grip.

57L x 41W x 84H in. / 144.78 cm L x 104.14 cm W x 213.36 cm H.



Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Click here to buy it on Amazon –>Stamina 1690 Power Tower
Dimensions: 49 x 42.5 x 81 inches / 124.46 cm x 107.95 cm x 205.74 cm
This one is a little more compact than the Gold’s Gym product. It has a smaller footprint so that can help if you are trying to save space. Just know that a smaller footprint can make it more likely to tip a little. They are engineered to prevent tipping but it could still tip, especially if you are using momentum on pull ups.

This one is actually a little lighter than the Gold’s Gym product as well. That means it might be easier to move around but you might sacrifice some stability. One cool thing about this one is there is an option to order expert assembly if you would rather not put it together yourself.



Power Towers between $100 and $150 with some cool features





Click here to buy it on Amazon –> REBUILD YOUR LIFE Power Tower Workout Dip Station for Home Gym Strength Training Fitness Equipment Newer Version

This one is only a little more expensive than the previous two, but comes with some cool bonuses. The height is adjustable in case your ceiling is lower. The height can go from 58 inches / 147.32 cm to 88 inches / 223.52 cm. The footprint on the floor is about 36 inches / 91.44 cm by 30 inches / 76.20 cm.

The reason the footprint can be so much smaller is that it suction cups onto the floor! That will help it prevent tipping without taking so much horizontal space. The only thing with that is, you would need to put it somewhere without a carpet. Very compact design though and good for putting in your office too. Comes with an actual installation video by the company, on YouTube, much more than just a manual.

Rated up to 330 pounds / 149.69 kg.



Portable Power Tower Station

GoBeast Pull Up Bar and Dip Stand with 3 Resistance Bands, Portable Power Tower Station with Workout Manual and Carry Bag

This one is a bit different than the others. It is made to be portable. So they made it really easy to take apart and put back together. It is rated up to 330 pounds / 149.69 kg.


Dip Bar Height = 1.15m  / 3.77 feet

Pull Up Bar Height = 1.95m / 6.40 feet

Gap Between Inner Bars = 60cm / 23.62 inch

Base Dimensions 120cm / 47.24 inch x 120cm / 47.24 inch 

When you purchase this, you will receive a free PDF exercise guide to go along with it. It comes to you in your email.

It also comes with the resistance bands so that you can do arm exercises, shoulder exercises, and more. Plus you can also use the resistance bands to do assisted dips and pull ups in case you are still building your strength. I think it is a very nice addition.



Options for $200 and up




Bowflex BodyTower

Bowflex BodyTower

This has a 50-inch / 127.00 cm by 50-inch / 127.00 cm footprint and is 77 in / 195.58 cm tall. I was surprised to see that it actually got many critical reviews. It seems like the reviews for the less expensive products were actually more favorable.



Super Max Power Cage

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage with Optional Lat Pull-down Attachment and Adjustable Leg Hold-down

This is more than just a Power Tower. It is actually a power cage. That means it has racks for you to do squats and bench press and all sorts of exercises for your entire body. If you were going to spend around $250 then get this instead of a Power Tower. It has about a 51 / 129.54 cm in by 47 in / 119.38 cm footprint and is about 83 in / 210.82 cm tall. It is rated for 800 lb / 362.87 kg.

There are even add-ons that would allow you to do a lat pulldown at home or to get a bench to do bench presses. If you were going to do that then you would need to get weights along with it and I think it would end up costing $750 to $1,000. So that is a lot more than you might be expecting to pay right now and that is totally cool. If you just got the power cage then you could consider getting all that stuff for yourself in the future.

For affordable power cages, click here.
For affordable power racks, click here.



X Fortress Power Tower

Stamina | X Fortress Power Tower

The last one that I want to look at today is a much more expensive Power Tower. It has about a 50 inch / 127.00 cm by 57 inch / 144.78 cm footprint and is 85 in / 215.90 cm tall. It is rated for 250 lb / 113.40 kg which is surprising because I thought a more expensive one what have a much higher weight rating. According to the reviews, it is a high-quality product. But if you were going to spend this much, I think you would be better off with the power cage I talked about just before this. For $500 you could get a lot more.

But if you really want a Power Tower then this is probably one of the highest quality ones you could possibly get. Also a power cage might not give you the option to do dips like a Power Tower does.



I hope that helped you decide on a Power Tower station.

In the comments, please feel free to ask any further questions. The questions you asked about this article will help me know what to write about next. I appreciate it because I have a giant outline of all the possible things I can write but it’s hard to choose one to start with. So when you ask me questions or comment about things it makes it more clear what to write about next.

What type of workouts do you want to know more about? What muscle groups are you most interested in getting a workout for? What types of workouts do you like to do the most? You could comment about anything but those are just some idea questions. Take care and talk to you next time.

42 thoughts on “Power Tower Station Reviews – How to do Pull Ups at Home!”

  1. All very nice stations! I’m a proud gym rat, and looking at your cages and stations makes me want to go work out. Funny enough, I do all those exercises actually, dips (weighted of course) and pull-ups (also weighted).

    I remember I got a bench with an Olympic bar for bench press, however, I stopped using it because I eventually got a gym membership.

     A place to work out isn’t really an issue for me, I can always visit a gym. However, I do lack some cardio, majorly. Mind doing a review on some treadmills? I’m looking for one!

  2. I’ve been trying to get a hold of a high-quality power tower for my daily workout routine. When I moved to my new place a couple of months ago I realized that there are no street fitness parks around me.  Thanks for these recommendations I will surely look into them.  

    • Thanks Alex. Oh yeah I have seen videos of those Fitness parks and people do some really cool stuff. I remember seeing people do handstand push-ups and stuff like that. Very cool.

  3. Hi Charles! thank you for this post. My husband has been getting into exercises lately and he has been focusing on what I think is body strength. I will use the information in your article to get him a birthday gift but paying attention to your recommendations.

    I did not know this type of equipment existed and that there would be different variations depending on your needs and your budget. I believe I would be searching for something compact like the Stamina 1690 Power Tower. thank you for all the helpful information.


    • Thankyou Yanuaria. Yeah that is a nice compact and afforable one. It’s good that they make ones like that because not everyone can pay 250-500 dollars. It is still good quality. Thanks!

      • Kudos! What an amazing fitness career. Thanks for sharing.

        I agree with you. Bodyweight exercises are fantastic, and it is important to mix it up every once in a while to keep your joints healthy and decrease injury risk.

        • Thank you for your comment. Yes changing up the exercises is a good way to avoid injury because it helps with different muscle fibers I think. Like I like to do squats with my feet at different distances apart to get all the different muscle fibers in my legs instead of just putting my feet the same distance apart all the time.

  4. What a great space saving idea. I’m looking to cut some costs out of the budget an have been finding it hard to justify the ongoing cost of a gym membership. With limited space at home this is an option is definitely worth checking out. I’ve also been investigating slim and compact treadmills and this equipment would be a great compliment to that.

    • Yeah my thing about the gym membership is, if it costs 50 dollars a month, I could buy 600 dollars of gym equipment a year instead. Then, have it forever!

  5. The Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower is well worth the money. I’ve actually used that machine many times and it’s one of the most versatile pieces of equipment. I used to do weighted dips on it and a few modified exercises, like push-ups with my legs elevated (placed on a step-up box). Out of all of these, the XR 10.9 is probably the best, in my opinion.

  6. Power Tower Station Review – How to do pull-ups at home. It is a good review for people who are health and body-conscious. Different types of Power Tower Station have all the same fundamental purpose and that is primarily for body pull-ups. Some of the types are also conducive for leg raises, dips and even power arms strengthening. My priority is safety, in my mind, the safest among the kinds shown in your blog is the Supermax Power Cage as it could carry far greater weight. This is ideal as well if space is not enough at home. This could help us exercise a lot of our body parts. Pull-ups can be added with contortions, stretches, body movements to the right and left even up and down. It is good for quick ‘sweat it out’ exercise. We had a gym downstairs of my previous residence and I realized it was a good form of exercise equipment where a few of us were making use of it. But now that I don’t have a gym I am inclined to buy this instead of a thread mill. Great review.

    • Thank you.  It just depends if you’d rather have the cardio equipment or have the lifting equipment. Cardio and lifting are kind of different in some ways.  Thanks!

  7. I don’t think I am going to get you a 250 word review.  But I can give you an honest opinion.

    The topic is something I should be interested in, but I find my horse is a lot of exercise.  The gyms are interesting and I didn’t know that there was more then one.  Now I know.

    When I first started to go down the list of Power Towers I was a lost.  There is not enough space between each station.  They appear cramped and I wasn’t sure if the top part of the description belong to the gym on top or bottom.  I went all the way down to the bottom of the page to figure this out.  I found that the bottom description belonged to the top gym.  If you are advertising these they need their own space.  Don’t crowed them together so tight.  Your descriptions are good and the pictures are clear and concise.  

    If I had not been reviewing I may not have bothered to go down to the bottom to find out which description belong to which gym.  Maybe you are feeling pushed on this one.  If so, break up your posts so that you have more room for each gym. Being innovative and thinking outside the box is always an eye catcher.

    I hope this helped.


    • Thanks for pointing that out about the visual element. I thought I actually included some space between each one but maybe the editor erased it. I usually do feel pretty rushed when I’m doing mostly anything so I guess as I get used to it I’ll take my time a little more.

  8. Wow, this shows you really are using your posts to help people. Power stations are what we use in the fitness centre and I’m glad you could finally write about it now. Some of this ones you’ve reviewed have some added features that might not be what I’m looking for which makes it a bit expensive. I think I’ll go for the Gold’s gym power tower. Looks simple and would be great to set up too, plus it’s cheap. Great! 

    • Thank you. Yeah, reading all of everyone’s comments has helped a lot because it showed what other people are actually looking for. And then it helps me decide what to write next. It’s more enjoyable for me doing the website like that kind of interactively. So thanks for commenting!

  9. Hi Charles!
    I had no idea about power tower stations and not even say about getting one at your home. But it seems like it is a good idea to have one if you like doing pull ups, which is not my case, and not ruin you door frame. I did a little research and some people say that it may not ruin your frame door, but I think it is better to have a power tower station so you don’t risk damaging your frame door. 

    And after seeing all these options, it seems cheaper to buy a power tower station than risk putting a pull up bar in your frame door and then pay to repair your door. And it also seems more comfortable, because for me, it would be a bit weird and comfortable to have a bar in the door frame.



    • Thanks for your comment Mariana. That was what I was thinking, what if someone puts in a doorway pull-up bar and then ends up having to pay to repair the door? They may as well have Purchased the Power Tower to begin with. I think it is a lot safer in a lot of ways.

  10. Great review again and I must say you have helped me a lot in setting up my mini gym. This power tower station is the last addition I want to add up to my mini gym and I’m especially cautious concerning my budget. I think I will go for the lesser in price power tower station. The  Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower is good enough for me. But the pricing is the integral factor towards my decision making. Thanks

  11. A Power Tower station. Looks like a nice piece of exercise equipment for quick and easy workouts from home, and affordable.

    I have a question. Is there any videos you could provide that show exactly how to use the stations, especially for a beginner how has never used a GYM. 

    Do you have any other exercise equipment you would recommend. I prefer to workout at home as life gets busy with work, family and starting an online business.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you. As time goes on I will be putting out more and more articles about various gym equipment. I also want to include more workout instructions on the website because sometimes people do ask about that. Thank you for your comment.

  12. HI, Charles.

    You said you would and you did.  Quite a selection here and judging by the pictures you have included, the REBUILD YOUR LIFE Power Tower looks like it would be the best choice for a smaller area.

    It has the smallest footprint and it looks like it’s well built.  It also has a leg raise station as well. great for the abs.  this would fit well in a corner of my living room.

    Did a little looking around on Amazon and read some of the reviews.  Most were quite positive and the video review was worth watching.  It shows how sturdy it is.  Unfortunately, the product doesn’t ship to my area.  But, that’s ok.  You have shown me some possibilities of what’s available and that’s what it’s all about right?

    Thanks again and all the best,



    • Thanks a lot Wayne. I’m sorry to hear that it doesn’t ship to your area. Sometimes that happens with products on Amazon. I hope you can find something that does ship to your area.

  13. What a great article on the options for these power towers.  I appreciate the space savings.  I’ve always worried about them tipping over but with the wider footprint, I can see where this wouldn’t happen.

    Its funny, I’ve always wanted the bowflex but I see that it doesn’t come with very good comments so I guess that is off the list.  Still, plenty to choose from and your list is very comprehensive.  This will make my decision a lot easier.

    Great reviews and thank you!

    • Thank you. Yeah, Bowflex is a big name, but people said that it didn’t really have the same quality the expected from a Bowflex product. I was surprised to hear it.

  14. I like the idea of the Super Max Power Cage.  This one looks like you are getting the best product for your money.  I was wondering if you can easily dissemble this product if you need to make space for an overnight guest. I would be keeping it in a small bedroom of an apartment.  I like that you included the dimensions of each one.  I think if a person were to invest in something like this, they should get a good one that can be added on to in the future.  Thanks for the thorough description of each option.


    • Thanks Michelle. It’s definitely good to invest in something that you can build on in the future. I think they are somewhat complex to assemble, except for the portable one. So they would be complex to disassemble as well.

  15. I found this to be very informative.  The images were visible and helpful for me as I had no concept of what they looked like until I read this.  Exercise is so important to all people of all ages, although I do very little.  My family has a few things for exercise, but nothing like this.  I will tell them about it and possibly they will be interested.  The images really made the post.  Thanks.

    • Thank you Sandy. Thanks for mentioning the images because there was a thing recently with realizing that ad blocker is considering them as ads so that’s why I put that notice at the beginning of the article. I hope that people don’t miss out on the images.

  16. The over all topic is well presented with pictures of the Power Towers. Each one gives the dimensions and the weight it will hold also showing what exercise can be done. This article shows the different price points. The range of pricing allows for people who are on stricter budgets to be able to purchase one as well. People who like to exercise in their home would be able to put one of these Power Towers in a small home or apartment. 

    While The Stamina 1690 is so affordable and offers a good work out. The description says that it is built to not tip and is portable so you may move around the model but also says that it could still tip letting the consumer know to be aware of safety while exercising.  

    With the full descriptions of each Power Tower and the dimensions I would know which one I would want to purchase.

    • Thank you very much. Yes they are designed not to tip but at the same time using too much momentum could cause them to at least wobble a little. The suction cups help a lot to avoid that. Thanks so much for your comment take care.

  17. Great article.  I fitted a pull up bar in my door way a few years ago.  The problem I had when I moved house was that I could not remove the pull up bar from the door frame without damaging the frame.  So yes I would look at getting a power station in the future

  18. Great post. I always preferred home gym because it saves me time and allows flexibility. You have provided a good variety of Power Towers, and the Bowflex – Time saving cardio is awesome though expensive. I will begin saving for it. If I had to choose from the ones you listed, I would choose between the Rebuild Your Life and Bowflex Body Tower. What I like about the Rebuild Your Life is the fact that it’s less expensive than the Bowflex but also adjustable and comes with an installation video. But I like the Bowflex more. It has more to offer, which justifies the price.
    All the best.

  19. Great post. I always preferred home gym because it saves me time and allows flexibility. You have provided a good variety of Power Towers, and the Bowflex – Time saving cardio is awesome though expensive. I will begin saving for it. If I had to choose from the ones you listed, I would choose between the Rebuild Your Life and Bowflex Body Tower. What I like about the Rebuild Your Life is the fact that it’s less expensive than the Bowflex but also adjustable and comes with an installation video. But I like the Bowflex more. It has more to offer, which justifies the price.
    All the best.

  20. Several chronic diseases are attributed to lack of exercises. Joining in a gym and making into it regularly is a challenge at times. It can be expensive and if not used can be a waste of money. Neither you retrieve your money or get a share on the gym equipment.

    Slowly building up your home gym is worth the money, time and you live with the equipment accessing it at anytime you like. You spend money but you own the equipment. Well, not everyone has time and appetite to build a home gym. But it is worth to have one. 

    Besides, when you build yourself, you can fix it when you it is broken and you will have a special attachment to this piece of equipment.

    Here is this website that helps you passionately with a small budget and teaching you how to build your home gym. 

    The pull up bar with no screws-I am really fascinated by this, small space it needs and the low end of the budget is amazing. 

    I like the resistance bands over dumbbells personally. I have some weights and I use them occasionally but not a fan of these.

    I would track this post to see the complete outfit. 

    By this winter, I hope to have at least one or two things following your guidelines. 

    Thank you for your help.

    • Thank you very much. Yes Some people prefer the resistance bands. There are a lot of good reasons for that. I like weights because I like to know the numbers and there’s some other things I like about weights. But it’s okay everyone has different preferences and whatever works for you then that’s great. Thanks keep coming back I hope that it helps you find some good gym equipment.

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