Complete Steelbody Bench Reviews: Workout Videos, Images, Tables and More!

Complete Steelbody Bench Reviews: Workout Videos, Images, Tables and More!

Are you studying makes and models of weight benches, to get one for your home gym? Then perhaps you’d like to read my Steelbody bench reviews. This article will tell you everything you need to know, whether you’re doing general research on benches for your home gym, or specifically researching this brand. Steelbody benches have features that you won’t find on many others. This article is loaded with interesting graphics, so reading it will be a breeze. Enjoy! 😀

Steelbody offers a flat bench, an adjustable bench, and a bench + power tower unit. This article has all the information laid out for you, with workout videos, images and easy-to-follow information tables.

STB 10101 db rows

STB 98502 guy benching

There is a table of contents below, so if you know exactly what info you’re looking for (such as reviews of a particular bench) you can skip ahead to that section. Otherwise, just start with the first section. 

First, a quick overview of all 3 benches.

When looking up the term, “Steelbody bench”, you will get 3 main results.

  • STB-10101, which is a flat bench.
  • STB-10105, which is an adjustable weight bench.
  • STB-98502, which is a power tower and bench station in one. (So cool!)

STB 98502 review

STB 10101 sturdy solid benchSTB 10105 bench at an incline

Steelbody benches are all made with heavy duty steel construction. They are high quality, but come at a low to moderate price point, giving them great value. Steelbody’s benches are good for beginners, intermediate or advanced lifters, due to the simple and effective design, coupled with a high rated capacity.

You will really enjoy the high quality covering on these benches. They come with a thick, faux canvas vinyl cover. This offers comfort while you exercise. No matter how much weight you’re using, it will still be comfortable. The padding keeps the pressure on your back to a minimum. The faux canvas vinyl is a heavy duty material, that is flexible, and will not tear in your day to day workouts. 

About Steelbody, The Brand

Steelbody is a brand distributed by a larger company known as Impex Fitness. Impex Fitness was founded in 1982. The company quickly became a leading innovator in the fitness industry, manufacturing products for several well-known brands. These brands include Marcy, Hers and Competitor, as well as Steelbody.

So, when you get a Steelbody bench, you know you are getting a good product. Impex has been around for over 35 years manufacturing products, so they have a lot of experience.

Steelbody Deluxe Utility Flat Bench STB-10101

STB 10101 sturdy solid bench

This bench got great reviews on Amazon. There was only one 1-star review. There were zero 2 star reviews, and only two 3-star reviews. The rest of the 23 reviews were all 4 or 5 stars. Actually, 65% rated it with 5 stars. So, it’s a great flat bench. People generally say it looks good, and feels comfortable and sturdy. 

Rated Capacity: 800lbs

The Steelbody Flat Bench is rated for up to 800 lb. That number includes the weight of the user. We had people commenting, in the reviews, to verify that they benched 205 lb at a body weight of 220. They said it felt rock solid, and they were confident it could hold much more weight.

STB 10101 foot pads to avoid floor damage

That’s because of the high quality welding and heavy gauge steel.There is no way it will break under normal home gym use. The bench is also very durable. The STB-10101 is made with a powder coated finish, which gives it resistance to rusting, and other kinds of wear and tear. If you get this bench, it will last you a lifetime. That makes it a great investment.

Dimensions – 45” L by 26.5” W by 17” H

The STB-10101 is approximately 45″ Long. The top of the back pad is 17″ off the floor,. The back pad itself ranges from 15″ wide at the widest point, to 12″ wide at the narrowest point.

Many people said that this is a great height for a bench. There was one person mentioning that they prefer a higher bench. I’m not sure if that is due to bench pressing preferences, or so they could use the bench for something like chest supported rows. But, they said it was easy to make the extra height by putting some material under the feet of the STB-10101. It was still just as sturdy. 🙂

We also had one person verifying that the bench is good for tall people. They said that, at 6’4″ tall, they still had plenty of room. Their head was not hanging off the bench. 

Features: Transport Wheels, Ergonomic Back Pad

The transport wheels are pretty awesome. There is also a handle on the bench that you can grab to help you move it around even easier. When you are actually using the bench, it will stay put, due to the foot pads and end caps. They are rubberized to give them good traction to the floor.

STB 10101 nice wheels

You will notice that the back pad of the STB-10101 has an interesting shape. That is an ergonomic design point that provides extra comfort when doing presses and flyes. The entire design of this bench is excellent. It is engineered to have great stability. 

Assembly: Super Easy!

This is the easiest of all the Steelbody benches, when it comes to assembly. It’s just a basic flat bench, so it doesn’t have all the other complicated mechanisms. All that’s needed is a wrench. It will go faster if you have a nice wrench and socket set. 

tools required for assembling home gym

Expert assembly is offered for this unit at an additional cost. That’s good to know, but for this one, you probably won’t need it. Expert assembly is a great choice though, when it comes to ordering more complicated equipment. 

STB-10101 Workout Video

This video shows three great exercises. 

  1. Flat Dumbbell Bench Press
  2. Leg Raise
  3. Seated Shoulder Press (or Arnold Press)

However, there are at least 10 more exercises you can do with a flat bench. 

  1. “Box” Squats, sitting down to the bench
  2. Single-Leg Step Ups
  3. Single-Leg Split Squats
  4. Single Arm Dumbbell Rows
  5. Chest-Supported Rear Lateral Raise
  6. Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly
  7. Dumbbell Pullover
  8. Flat Bench Tricep Extensions
  9. Seated Calf Raises
  10. Hip Thrust for Glutes

So, it is very versatile. You could probably think of even more exercises. To expand your selection of exercises, consider the STB-10105, which I will talk about in the next section. 

Here’s Where To Purchase The STB-10101

At such a low price, most people weren’t expecting much. However, the product has exceeded their expectations. That means it delivers a tremendous amount of value for the money. Here is a little widget that shows you the current price:

You can click here to view and/or purchase the STB-10105 on Amazon

If you can’t see the widgets, it’s because of ad blocker. In that case, you can learn more about purchasing this product by clicking the button below. 

You can click here to view the STB-10101 on Amazon

Steelbody Flat Bench STB-10101


  • High rated capacity and extremely stable
  • Wheels and handle make it easy to move
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Ergonomic back pad


  • No real cons come to mind, you could say it has less versatility than an adjustable bench, but it’s not claiming to be an adjustable bench. So, that one doesn’t really count, I suppose.


Steelbody Deluxe 6-Position Utility Bench STB-10105

STB 10105 bench at an incline

So, let’s get started on the STB-10105, Deluxe Utility Adjustable Bench by Steelbody. This one has a lot of the same specifications of the STB-10101 Flat Bench:

  • 800 pound rated capacity (user weight + weight they are lifting)
  • Same durable, comfortable vinyl padding
  • Rubber feet and convenient transport wheels
  • About the same dimensions, except 18″ high instead of 17″
  • Same heavy duty steel construction

So, that’s easy enough. Next, let’s talk about what additional features you get with the adjustable bench! 😃

Ladder-Back Adjustable Style

When it comes to incline benches, they have different styles for the adjustment mechanisms. Sometimes there is a little bolt you have to pull out, then adjust the angle, then replace the bolt. However, this bench gives you the best kind of adjustment system: The “Ladder-Back” style. 

STB 10105 incline DB press

If you take a look at the lower left quadrant of that photo, you’ll notice the notches. There are 6 different settings where you could adjust the bench to. Five of them are where you see those little teeth, and the flat setting is where the bench would meet that big post. 

You wouldn’t be able to go into a decline setting on this bench. That could be a downside for some folks, because they’d like to do the decline bench press. I think that if you use a healthy arch when you bench, then the flat bench will be enough for your lower chest. 

person bench pressing

If you would like a bench with a decline option, click here to try this one. It’s a similar price, and also uses the ladder-back adjustment mechanism. You will see how there are the foot holds, because without those, you’d slide off the bench during decline exercises. But, that’s a topic for another article. Back to the STB-10105!

Assembly: Easy to Intermediate Level

This design is a bit more complicated then the STB-10101, so of course it’s going to be a little more complicated to assemble. However, people have said it’s still easy enough to do. Steelbody gives good instructions, and they even label the parts. There will be two different sized bolts, 1/2″ and 5/8″, and they will all be labeled. 

Assembling the STB 10105

I was surprised to see that expert assembly was not offered for this one. I think that you can still get expert assembly through some services, but it was just not included on the listing page. You will probably be able to put this bench together on your own just fine.

Exercise Guide for the STB-10105

Steelbody has provided an instructional video to teach you how to use the bench.

 In this workout video, he demonstrates a list of exercises for chest, shoulders and arms. 

  1. Incline Dumbbell Curls
  2. Incline Dumbbell Presses
  3. Shoulder Presses
  4. Seated Lateral Raises
  5. Triceps Kickbacks

And, there is so much more that you can do with an incline bench!

  1. Any other degree of incline press (high, medium, low)
  2. Prone Dumbbell Curls (laying face down on the bench, at a slight incline setting)
    1. Prone DB Hammer curls really target your outer bicep and brachialis
  3. Prone Rear/Side Laterals (at different angles, facing down on the bench)
  4. Chest Supported DB Rows
  5. Incline DB Extensions (for triceps, laying on any incline)

If you add that to the list of exercises you can do with the flat bench, you have at least 25 exercises you can do with an adjustable bench and some dumbbells. That is great for beginners and will give you up to 50 lbs per hand. You might not need that much weight right away, but it will give you something to build up to. You can click here if you’d like to look into an adjustable dumbbell set, to go with your bench.

Here Is Where to Purchase the STB-10105 

This bench comes at a great value. Other comparable benches can cost $250 or more, but this bench currently costs under $200.


  • Ladder back system very easy to adjust
  • Allows you to do incline presses, which most people find essential in their routine, to develop the upper chest
  • Rated for up to 800 lb of total weight
  • Excellent ergonomic back pad
  • Over 25 exercises
  • Very stable, won’t wobble at all


  • Doesn’t go to decline

Steelbody Power Tower & Fold-Up Bench STB-98502

STB 98502 review

The STB-98502 is a very innovative product from Steelbody. It combines a foldable bench with a power tower station, giving you the ability to do pull-ups and dips, as well as barbell presses, squats, and more. It could save you money over buying an adjustable bench and power tower separately. It has some of the functionality of a power rack, but also comes with the bench and pull-up bar, making it a great value. 

Multi-Grip Pull Up Bars and Dip Bars

The pull-up and dip handles come with a comfortable vinyl covering, to support your grip while you’re exercising. It also keeps your hands comfortable. That way you can put your full focus into your workout. 

STB 98502 pull up handles

You also have the slight curve when you get to the wider grip, as you can see on the outsides. That will help your wrists when doing wider-grip pull-ups. The power tower won’t wobble if you are doing your pull-ups with a slow and controlled movement. However, if you want to do faster pull-ups, it might wobble. That’s bound to happen when you have so much force, so far from the base. So, just add some weights to the base, and you’ll be fine. 

The dip bars are about 28″ wide. There was one person in the reviews who said it was too wide for them, and they got some inset dip bars. But, it will vary from person to person. I like wide dip bars because it lets the elbows go out a little more, which I think brings more chest into it. 

dip bars on STB 98502

STB 98502 guy doing dips

It looks like a good width for him, in the photo, as he’s doing the dips. You’d have to measure what 28″ wide looks like with a ruler, and put your hands that far apart. Does it seem like a good width for dips? 

STB 98502 sturdy base

pushups on STB 98502

There are also these push-up handles. I think they are good to have, because they give you a better wrist position than standard push-ups on the floor. You could also do incline push-ups or even hand-stand push-ups on these if you are more advanced. 

Handstand pushup 

As for leg raises, there aren’t arm rests specifically for that. However, you could do leg raises hanging from the pull-up station, or supporting yourself on the dip station. 

Bench Press Racks and Adjustable Bench

The STB-98502 Bench and Power Tower comes with built-in power rack functionality. This means you could do squats or presses. 

STB 98502 bench racks

STB 98502 spotting racks

The barbell racks are on the left, and the spotting racks are on the right. You could see how the spotting racks are a bit longer, so they will catch the bar for you if you reach failure. This allows you to do presses and squats more safely. The spotting racks don’t come out that far. The spotting racks I use are at least twice as long, and in a full power cage, you’d have even longer spotting racks. Sometimes you need longer spotting racks, to match the movement path of the presses and squats. 

STB 98502 guy benching

STB 98502 squats

You could see in the bench press photo, above on the left, that the barbell isn’t actually within the range of the spotting racks. And, on squats, the photo on the right, he’d have to position himself just right to get into the racks at full depth. So, if you were using this rack, you might want to have a spotter during barbell presses and squats. It also looks like the base of the power tower limits the width of his feet.

It doesn’t completely take away the usefulness of this Bench and Power Tower combo, since you would still be able to do dumbbell presses, along with all of those bodyweight exercises. And, if you avoid training to failure, you could still squat and bench safely. But sometimes we go for that rep, and it turns out we didn’t have it! So, if you do barbell exercises with this rack, be careful. If you’d like another option for doing barbell exercises, look into power cages or power racks

ST 98502 bench in folded position

In the above photo, you can see the bench in the fully-folded position. It’s completely out of the way, so you can do your pull-ups and dips with plenty of room. This gives the STB-98502 a nice compact footprint, in case you need workout equipment for a limited space. When folding it up, there is a convenient fold-up handle that makes it even easier, and more ergonomic.

STB 98502 rolling bench adjust system

You could see in that photo that the bench actually folds up using a wheel system. It’s very well-designed and makes it easy to use. The bench can go into an incline, and its made with the same durable, comfortable canvas-vinyl padding as the others. The video, in the next section, will demonstrate the use of this bench more clearly. 

Workout Video & Exercise Recommendations for the STB-98502

Steelbody has provided a great workout video to go with this Power Tower and Adjustable Bench combo. 

In the video, he demonstrates five possible exercises that you could do with the STB-98502. 

  1. Dumbbell Curls (he does them seated, to make use of the bench)
  2. Hammer Curls (seated)
  3. Dips
  4. Pull-Ups
  5. Push-Ups

This is a great video, especially for beginners just learning the exercises. However, his lifting tips are very good, even for intermediate or advanced lifters. I think the video could have demonstrated more use of the rack for barbell movements like presses and squats, and how to make the most use of the spotter arms. I would like to see if the power tower gets in the way of your arms as you try to do something like a DB incline press. I asked for some more information on that on the product listing page, so I’m sure there will be an answer to confirm it. 

Purchase the Power Tower and Bench Combo at This Link

This is an Innovative product, and it is especially good for people looking for a compact set up. However, if you have the space, you might do just as well if you get a Power Tower and a bench separately. You can click here for a link to the Marcy Power Tower. If you purchased the STB 10105 adjustable bench, and the Power Tower separately, it would actually cost you less all together. Or, you could click here to look into the Marcy power cage system, which gives you longer spotting arms and even a pulley station.


  • Great for multi grip pull ups and dips
  • Compact design saves space
  • Foldable bench easily slides up on wheels so you have no trouble transitioning between exercises


  • Spotting arms may not be long enough to cover presses and squats

Steelbody Bench Reviews: Conclusion & Comparison Matrix

I’m glad you chose to read my article and study these makes and models of weight benches. My number one recommendation is the STB-10105 Deluxe Adjustable Bench. I think if you got the flat bench, you’d eventually wish you had that incline functionality. Incline presses offer a different feeling, and can give you more full development in the chest. Below, you will find my full comparison matrix.

Product Deluxe Flat Bench Deluxe Adjustable Bench Bench and Power Tower
Possible Exercises Flat Press, Flat Fly, Prone YTWL, Single Arm Row, Single Leg Step-Up, Single Leg Split Squat, Seated Laterals, Seated Shoulder Press, Seated Curls, Tricep Extensions Previous section + Incline Press, Incline Fly, Chest Supported Lateral Raise, Chest Supported Row, Incline Tricep Extensions, and more Previous 2 sections + Barbell Squats, Barbell Presses, Barbell Shrugs, Barbell Rows, Pull-Ups, Dips, Push-Ups on handles, Rack Deadlifts, Barbell Overhead Press, Hanging Leg Raises + more
Pros High rated capacity, Ergonomic Back Pad, Transport Wheels Ladder-Back Adjusting Mechanism, High rated capacity, Ergonomic Back Pad, Transport Wheels Bodyweight Exercises, Compact Footprint, Versatility, High rated capacity
Cons N/A Doesn't do decline Spotter arms may not be long enough to spot all squats or presses
Assembly Very Easy Easy to Intermediate Intermediate
Price and Purchasing You can click here to view and/or purchase the STB-10101 on AmazonYou can click here to view and/or purchase the STB-10105 on AmazonYou can click here to view and/or purchase the STB-98502 on Amazon

Thank you for reading. Please make a comment with any questions or concerns you may have. Also, consider sharing this on social media if you think anyone in your network would benefit from the information. The social media buttons are there on the left hand side of the page. Thanks!

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