Ironmaster Superbench PRO Attachments – Workout Photos, Videos & Review!

Ironmaster Superbench PRO Attachments – Workout Photos, Videos & Review!

The Ironmaster Superbench PRO is compatible with a wide range of attachments, making it an extremely versatile bench. If you are not familiar with the Ironmaster Superbench PRO, you may want to read about that first to get some background information. I have created an extremely detailed and thorough review on this website oh, that will tell you everything you need to know.

You can click here to go to my very informative review of the Ironmaster Superbench PRO

If you are already all up to speed on the Superbench PRO, then read through the rest of this article for my reviews of the attachments.

What attachments is the Ironmaster Superbench PRO compatible with?

  1. Crunch and Situp Attachment, also for Decline Presses – both original and PRO
  2. Leg Developer PRO only
  3. Hypercore Attachment – both original and PRO
  4. Dip Attachment – both original and PRO
  5. Pull-Up Attachment – both original and PRO
  6. Any other attachment with PRO in the name
  7. Cable Tower PRO only (currently being developed)
  8. Preacher Bench PRO only
  9. Dumbbell Spotting Stand PRO only

ironmaster super bench PRO compatible with attachments

Crunch and Situp Attachment, also for Decline Presses – both original and PRO

The Crunch and Situp Attachment is also necessary for declines. Some people wished that it came standard with the bench, because you can’t really do decline presses without it, except at a shallow angle. However, I think it’s good that Ironmaster gave people the option. That way you could choose to save the money if you don’t have a need for the feature.

ironmaster crunch decline bench attachment by itself

The crunch situp attachment is very helpful. You can use it to have a decline bench at -5, -10, -20, -30, -40, -50, -60, -7o, -80 or -85 degrees. Yes, you can have an almost completely vertical decline bench for vertical sit-ups, without even needing gravity boots! You just have to have a safe way of getting in and out of such a bench.

guy doing decline crunches on super bench pro

woman doing situp on the ironmaster bench with sit up attachment

Some of these exercise demonstration photos are shown with the original Superbench, when there is not as much of a difference in functionality. You can click here to view the Ironmaster Crunch Situp attachment on Amazon, and get more information about it.

Leg Developer PRO only

The Leg Developer is used to train Quadriceps and Hamstrings, with Leg Curls and Leg Extensions.

a guy at the end of a leg extension with super bench PRO

woman doing leg extension with ironmaster attachmentman doing the leg curl with ironmaster leg developer

The only reason that you need to get the Leg Developer PRO over the original attachment is that the bench is lower. So, they had to make the PRO attachment suitable for the lower bench. It still works just as well. You will get a gym-quality plate-loaded leg developer that you can easily take on and off your bench.

leg developer shown with plates on there

You can see there, that they had to make sure it didn’t bump the floor as you use it.

leg developer pro with the word pro in the corner review

You can click here to view the Leg Developer PRO on Amazon. Leg curls tend to be safe for more people, while some people have trouble with Leg Extensions. If you do Leg Extensions, make sure to use a slow and controlled tempo. That will help you keep tension on your quadriceps, and off your knees.

Hypercore Attachment – both original and PRO

The original Hypercore Attachment is compatible with the Superbench PRO. Because the bench is at a new height, the hypercore attachment ends up at a little bit of a different angle. But, it’s still just as effective.

woman doing a hyperextension on the ironmaster attachment, great range of motion

You can see there is plenty of room to get a full range of motion on hyperextensions, even for someone with the most flexible hamstrings.

woman at top of hyperextension exercise on ironmaster attachment

The hyperextension is a great exercise to develop your posterior chain. It helps protect the low back from injury and improve hamstring mobility when done safely.

woman doing a side crunch on the hypercore attachment

The hypercore attachment can also be used for side crunches. Just use the ankle pads to lock your feet in sideways. It makes a good angle for side crunches, so you will get continuous tension. Side crunches are great, because you can go from one side to the other, using the opposite side as rest.

woman doing a sit up on the hypercore attachment

There is also an option to do a kind of plank off the hypercore attachment. It would be a convenient superset for the back extensions.

woman sitting near the hypercore attachment

woman adjusting the ironmaster hypercore attachment

When you’re done, it’s easy to remove, and change to the next exercise. Click here to check out the Hypercore Attachment on Amazon. The attachments are always available for you to upgrade your home gym. That’s whats so great about this bench – The room for upgrades.

Dip Attachment – both original and PRO

man doing dips on ironmaster super bench pro

I already showed the dip attachment before, but here it is again. The bench will stay even more stable with the Superbench PRO, due to the wider base. You can also adjust the height of the dip attachment. Not only that, but if you get creative, it works great for leg raises and reverse crunches.

woman using super bench pro for leg raises

woman finishing leg raise with reverse crunch

You can check out the dip attachment by clicking here. The link will bring you to Amazon.

Pull-Up Attachment – both original and PRO

The pull-up attachment also has multiple height settings, to accommodate all people. It also gives you the option to do either wide, overhand or medium, neutral grip pull-ups, for full back development. The wide pull-ups give you more vertical arm adduction, while the medium, neutral pull-ups give you more shoulder extension. That means they bring different back muscles into the movement.

man doing wide grip pull ups on super bench pro

guy doing a neutral grip pull up on the ironmaster pull up bars

In order to attach the pull-up bars, you will attach them with the bench flat first, then put the bench into the vertical position.

ironmaster guy installing the chin up attachment on the bench

Click here to go to the pull up attachment on Amazon.

Cable Tower PRO only (currently being developed)

The Cable Tower on the original Superbench gave you a commercial-grade pulldown and low-row station, that could easily attach to your bench. There was also an option to get a separate seat for it, making a stand-alone unit. 

ironmaster cable attachment as stand alone unit

There it is as a stand-alone unit. You could either attach the Superbench…

lat pulldown build a strong wide back

Or attach the special seat, so you could use both items separately. 

ironmaster cable tower with seat attachment

The cable tower let you do a variety of exercises, like cable rows…

ironmaster cable attachment doing a seated cable row

Cable crunches…

ironmaster cable attachment used for cable crunches

And more! Here is a video showing the full functionality of the original cable tower:

You can see how it is compatible with weight plates, but if you don’t have those, you can use the Ironmaster dumbbells as weights! The video above shows some pulldowns, cable rows, upright rows and cable crunches. Upright rows aren’t always safe for everyone, so make sure you look into that exercise and read about how it can affect your shoulders. For people who can safely do upright rows, this is a good option. The next video shows even more great cable exercises you can do.

Another cool thing is that the preacher curl attachment could actually hook into the cable tower, allowing you to do the cable preacher curls shown in the video. They really give a great workout, training the biceps at a different angle from cable curls, but with a different loading curve than free-weight preacher curls.

Ironmaster is still developing the Cable Tower PRO. The original cable tower was made to match up with the original Superbench, which was 20″ high. Now that the Superbench PRO is 17.2″, they need to create a Cable Tower PRO to match that height. But, it will be available soon!

Preacher Bench PRO only

The preacher bench is a favorite, because it allows you to exercise the biceps at a different angle than regular standing curls. It also provides a different loading curve, where you have more tension when the arms are straight.

guy doing a cable curl with the preacher bench attachment

Because the preacher curl station is attached to the adjustable bench, you can actually adjust the angle of it by adjusting the angle of the bench. It also has its own adjustment mechanism. That means you could also do spider curls with it.

the ironmaster preacher curl attachment on the decline bench

If you don’t have a preacher curl attachment, you could mimic the angle by doing a dumbbell curl laying face down on a bench. That will put your arms out in front of you. But it would be a little different because it wouldn’t give you the same arm support that the preacher curl bench gives you.

guy doing preacher curls with EZ bar on ironmaster

You need to get the PRO attachment for the preacher curls, because it fits better with the height of the bench.

Dumbbell Spotting Stand PRO only

The dumbbell spotting stands are pretty cool. You probably wondered if there is a better way to get the dumbbells into position for dumbbell presses. Usually, you have to kick them up with your knees, and then just drop them on the floor when you’re done. That works well enough, but these dumbbell spotting stands could take your safety to the next level, saving you energy to use on your heavy sets.

A guy getting the dumbbells into position for flat dumbbell bench press

In the demonstration, they are showing the person using relatively light weights to do the exercise. I wonder if these would still work for you when you were at your maximum pressing weight.

There is a guy doing a decline dumbbell press super bench Pro

The height can be adjusted, so you can use them at any angle of bench pressing.

A guy doing a incline dumbbell press with ironmaster spotting stands

Here is a demonstration video, which shows them in action.

Another cool thing about the Ironmaster dumbbell spotting stands is that they are compatible with other kinds of dumbbells, too. They just wouldn’t be compatible with plate loaded adjustable dumbbells, because those have the handles poking out of the ends.

There are three ironmaster spotting racks, one with a conventional dumbbell, one with a PowerBlock dumbbell and one with an ironmaster dumbbell, to show that they work for all kinds of dumbbells.

So, these also make a good spotting system for power blocks, in case you have those.

Ironmaster Superbench PRO Attachments – Conclusion

Ironmaster has really taken their Superbench PRO to the next level with these attachments. They are all very Innovative, especially because they are modular and can be easily attached or removed from the bench. There is also a wall organizer available for storing the attachments in a compact way. They have really thought of everything.

Thank you for reading this article. Please make a comment with your questions or concerns.

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