Complete Ironmaster Super Bench PRO Review + Videos!

Complete Ironmaster Super Bench PRO Review + Videos!

If you are looking to upgrade to a new bench, or if you are just starting your home gym, then it’s good you’re considering the Super Bench PRO. You will want to review each of your options in detail before buying anything. This Ironmaster Super Bench PRO review is here to help you sort through the details.

The Ironmaster Super Bench PRO is made with a unique, interesting, and effective design. It gives tremendous value for the price. When you are getting a new bench, you want to make sure it is the perfect one for your situation. Read the full review, on this website, to find out: Is the Ironmaster Superbench PRO for you?

ironmaster super bench PRO shown from top angle

This article starts by offering a bit of history on Ironmaster, the brand, and then on the Superbench itself. That is necessary for you to understand what the Superbench PRO is, but if you already know that information, then you can skip those sections. The table of contents will help you navigate the article.

After the background information, the article will tell you how the original Superbench was upgraded to make the Superbench PRO. I will tell you what’s so great about the Superbench PRO, and also a few things to look out for. Follow through to the end for a final pros and cons table, and purchasing information.

If, at any point, you feel that you’ve learned enough and would like to go straight to the product listing, you can scroll to the end of the article.

Who makes the Ironmaster Super Bench PRO?

Ironmaster, the company, began in 1978 in Seattle, Washington. It was started by Fred Dawson, a gym owner, who was not satisfied with the quality of available equipment. His first invention within Ironmaster was the Ironmaster Self-Spotting Home Gym System.

With Fred Dawson, Ironmaster went on to get several patents for their unique and innovative gym equipment. Here is a timeline of when their most well-known equipment came out:

  • Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells (1999)
  • Ironmaster Super Bench (2003)
  • Ironmaster Quick Change Dumbbells (2004)

man doing wide grip pull ups on super bench pro

The image above is just one example of the many unique ideas Ironmaster has put out there. The bench can actually be converted into a pull-up station!

The following video shows the history of Ironmaster, since it was started by Fred Dawson. You will see that they are a trustworthy and reliable brand.

More recently, they invented the Superbench PRO, as an upgrade to the original Superbench. They have also invented several attachments for the Superbench and Superbench PRO, as well as power cages and other kinds of gym equipment. The Superbench is still available today, and it contributed its best features to the Superbench PRO.

Background Information on the Ironmaster Superbench

If you’re not familiar with the Ironmaster Superbench, here is a quick summary of its unique and innovative features:

  • Patented foot-lever adjusts the bench to any of 11 different settings, in the most convenient way
  • Adjustable seat can be removed, leaving you with a zero-gap flat bench
  • Comes pre-assembled most of the way, just add the bench’s feet
  • Compatible with over 8 unique attachments
  • Rated for 1000 pounds flat and 600 pounds on incline

The Superbench Patented Foot Lever

The adjustment system on the ironmaster super bench

If you take a look at the photo above, it will show you the patented foot lever. All you have to do in order to adjust the bench is press down the foot lever, and then easily move the bench to your desired position.

superbench PRO foot lever

Below is a video which will give you even more detail. If you don’t want to watch the video, you could get the same information from the text that comes afterwards.

You can see that, in the video, he just presses his foot on the little lever. He doesn’t have to lean down to unscrew a little bolt, or use any effort on a ladder back adjustment system. With the Ironmaster Superbench, you can put all of your effort into your workout, due to the convenience. The Ironmaster Super Bench PRO has expanded on this feature, and I will talk more about that in the following sections.

Unique Removable or Perpendicular Seat Technology

One of the main reasons that people choose the Ironmaster Super Bench or Ironmaster Super Bench PRO is the design of the seat. It is made so that there is either zero Gap in the bench, or it is always perfectly perpendicular to the back pad. Instead of an adjustable seat, like most benches, this bench has one that can be removed from a slot in the back.

a guy about to put the ironmaster super bench seat in place

So you can see the seat, in that image above, taken out of the bench. In the next image, you see the seat going into the bench, where it is inserted from the left.

seat part-way added to ironmaster superbench

And, in the following image, it will be even more clear, how that square peg fits into the square hole, securing the bench seat into place. The seat is in the top position, and you will see the other side of the peg in the top hole there.

how does the super bench pro seat work

The seat on the Superbench PRO is a little different. More about that in the up-coming sections. If you’re interested in the original Superbench, you can click here to go and view that product on Amazon. The main reasons to get the original Superbench would be the lower price point, and the extra height that the seat can go to. Other than that, the Superbench PRO is superior to the original Superbench.

Ironmaster Superbench vs. PRO

Superbench vs PRO Ironmaster Superbench Ironmaster Superbench PRO
Bench Dimensions 44″ L x 18.75″ W x 20″ H 47″ L x 20.75″ W x 17.2″
Seat Height 12″, 14″ or 16″ 12.5″ or 14.5″
Back-Pad Width 10″ 10.5″
Transport Wheels Sold Separately Included
Attachment Slot Basic Knob Convenient Pull-Pin and Knob
Rated Load 1000 lbs in flat
600 lbs in incline
1000 lbs in flat
600 lbs in incline
Other differences That is just an overview of the differences.
Read this full article, for all the details. Thanks!

So, as you can see, there have been some improvements from the Superbench to the Superbench PRO. Ironmaster took the input of people who had bought their original Superbench, and created the Superbench PRO, in a true customer-centric fashion.

Superbench Pro Height Is Now Within IPF Standards

The original Superbench was often said to be too high. You could even find people as tall as 6’4″ saying that their feet still had trouble reaching the floor while benching. In fact, one person said that when they upgraded to the Superbench PRO, their bench press increased.

ironmaster super bench PRO shown from top angle

The ironmaster super bench in a flat bench position

You can see in the above photos, that the Superbench PRO (left) is about 3″ lower than the original Superbench (right side).

Sometimes people compensated for the height of the original Superbench by putting plates under their feet, or benching at a low incline. But with the new Superbench PRO, those problems are solved, and we can optimize our bench press workouts.

person benching using barbell adapter ironmaster

woman doing barbell press on ironmaster barbell racks with a close position

You can see in the above photos that, with the original Superbench, the guy’s feet reach the floor okay (left), but the woman has trouble reaching the floor while benching (right side). This problem is totally solved with the revised Superbench PRO!

New & Improved Locking Ring Design

If you take a look at both benches side by side, you will notice that the locking ring on the original Superbench is a semi-circular arc. However, the new locking ring on the Superbench PRO is a combination of an arc and a straight line.

The ironmaster super bench in an upright position for shoulder press

In the above two photos, you see the original Superbench on the left, and the new Superbench PRO on the right. The new Superbench PRO has a differently shaped locking ring. Because it is 17.2″ tall instead of 20″ tall, there is less room under the bench for the locking ring to be a semi-circular arc.

Ironmaster super bench from the side

super bench PRO shown at a high incline

The above two photos show the same difference, but with the benches at an incline. The locking ring on the Superbench PRO has a smaller radius, but still allows you all the same 11 positions as the original Superbench did: 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees.

The Number of Height Positions for the Seat has Changed

This one could be an issue for some folks. In the original Superbench, you had three height settings.

  1. 12″
  2. 14″
  3. 16″

But now, with the Superbench PRO, you only get two height settings to choose from for the seat. (It still goes to 11 incline or flat positions, though!)

  1. 12.5″
  2. 14.5″

You probably won’t mind this on incline presses. But, while doing seated shoulder presses, you might wish the seat was a little higher. Your knees would be above your hips.

guy doing seated shoulder press on ironmaster super bench pro

In that photo above, his knees are level with his hips. That’s on the highest seat setting of the original Superbench, 16″. So, you could imagine that 14.5″ would be a bit too low. Luckily, there is a DIY solution! Just put something on the seat, like a yoga block or a stack of folded towels, to get to your desired height. Make a little home-made add on that you keep near the bench, and use it when needed.

Hopefully, one day, Ironmaster will create a custom add-on to get that seat higher. But, considering the Superbench PRO has so many other great features that you can’t get anywhere else, I’d say its worth living with the seat height issue.

The Ironmaster Superbench PRO Comes With Transport Wheels!

The original Superbench came without wheels, but the wheels were available as an add-on.

bench wheel attachment separate

There were a lot of people who would rather have just had the wheels come with the bench. After receiving this feedback, Ironmaster incorporated it into the new Superbench PRO.

ironmaster super bench PRO shown from top angle

If you look closely on the bottom left of that image (above), you will see that the wheels are a part of the bench. That’s one thing I find so interesting about the Superbench PRO. If you take the original cost of an original Superbench, plus the wheels add-on, it would already cost about the same as the Superbench PRO. Sometimes, when a product is called “something” PRO, it costs more than the non-PRO version. But, this time, the PRO version almost saves you money!

The back pad on the Ironmaster Superbench PRO is actually a little more firm than the original Superbench back pad. They decided to do with that way based on people’s feedback. Now, the back pad on the Superbench PRO is comfortable, but not so soft that you really sink into it. So, it’s probably just right for most people. You will have a good workout with this back pad.

The Superbench PRO Back-Pad has been Re-Designed

The back-pad on the original Superbench was 10″ wide. That is a little on the narrow side for a bench. Ironmaster generally stands by its decision to make a narrower bench. They have said that wider benches will restrict your range of motion.

For me, at 10″, I sometimes had some trouble squeezing both my shoulder blades on the bench all the way. However, with the extra half an inch of width, I can get both my shoulder blades on the bench much easier. So 10.5″ is just wide enough, but not wide enough to restrict my range of motion.

The dimensions of the ironmaster super bench Pro, showing the width of the back pad

When considering the width of the back pad, you also might want to consider how it would feel if you were doing a chest supported row or deltoid raise. Mostly, we think of using the bench while laying on our back, but sometimes we actually lay on our front to do chest supported exercises. If the bench is too wide, it would definitely interfere with those movements.

Some people might prefer a wider back pad, and some people might prefer a narrower one. So, you have to try different benches and see what width you like the best. For most people, this is probably going to be a good size for a back pad. If it’s your first bench, and you don’t know your exact back pad size, you could try this one. You will probably like it.

The New Super Bench Pro Has a Wider Base

When people tried to use the pull-up and dip attachments on the original Superbench, they noticed some wobbling. That was because the feet of the bench were only 18.75″ wide. When they made the Superbench PRO, they upgraded this to 20.75″.

man doing dips on ironmaster super bench pro

guy doing a neutral grip pull up on the ironmaster pull up bars

The above two images show the dip attachment and the chin up attachment being used. You can see how, especially with the chin-up attachment, the weight of the user is pretty far up. So, any movement to one side or the other could have caused wobbling to the right or to the left. The Superbench was not likely to rock back or forth, because the base was much longer in that direction. But, side to side, it was an issue.

ironmaster super bench PRO view from front

Adding that inch on either side of the base went a long way. People have said that it feels much more stable now when doing dips and pull-ups. Sometimes you want to do exercises with side to side movement, like special kinds of pull-ups, or leg raises out to the side. So, the wider base will help to accommodate that safely.

The Mechanism for Adding and Removing Attachments Has Been Upgraded to Be Easier to Use

This is a really important one. On the original Superbench, so many people had trouble with adding and removing attachments. That’s because the bolt that is used to fasten them did not have a spring mechanism. So, it would become a little tedious when people had to try to find the hole to fit the pin into.

The image above is from the diagram of the original Super bench. You can see that there is just one threaded pin, and it isn’t spring loaded. That will slow you down when you are lifting, and make it more difficult to change from one exercise to the next. Sometimes it can be frustrating to get the pin in the right place. That’s why Ironmaster made the following upgrade:

The image above is taken from the Superbench PRO user manual. It shows that there is now a spring-loaded pull pin as well as a threaded knob. That makes things so much easier! Instead of having to feel around to find the position for the threaded knob, you just slide in the attachment and the pull-pin will find the spot for you. Then, you just screw in the threaded knob for a complete lock on the attachment.

That will make your life so much easier! Switching attachments will be a breeze, giving you a much smoother flow to your home workouts.

To summarize, here are the major differences between the Ironmaster Superbench and the Superbench PRO.

  1. The height of the bench has been reduced to 17.2 in, for a better bench press.
  2. The height of the seat now has two options instead of three.
  3. The back pad is half an inch wider, making it 10.5 in.
  4. The base is wider, for increased stability.
  5. The transport wheels are included with the bench, instead of sold separately.
  6. The attachment mechanism is now spring loaded, making it more convenient than before.

ironmaster super bench PRO on a gym floor with dumbbells next to it

Those are the major changes! Now, let’s get into the other great features of the Superbench PRO.

Ironmaster Superbench PRO Review – So Many Great Features!

  1. Easiest bench adjustment mechanism ever.
  2. Seat can either be removed, leaving a zero-gap flat bench, or added at a 90 degree angle to the bench.
  3. Rated for 1000 pounds flat, 600 pounds at an angle.
  4. The bench weighs 64-68 pounds, making it very stable.
  5. Comes 80-90% pre-assembled. (Shipping is still free!)
  6. Extremely versatile – At least 6 optional attachments.
  7. Transport wheels included!

I have already talked about #1, #2, and #7 in the previous sections. So, I won’t go into full detail on those again. But I will tell you some more about #’s 3 through 6 now.

The Superbench PRO is strong and sturdy.

This point combines #3 and #4 from the list above. Having your bench rated for 1000 pounds flat is great. You will probably not have to worry any time soon about maxing out its capacity. The most I’ve heard of someone benching on this bench was 400+ pounds at 200+ pounds bodyweight.

There is a guy doing a decline dumbbell press super bench Pro

The bench weighs 68 pounds with the seat, and 64 pounds without it. That’s much heavier than some entry-level benches, which can weigh around 40 pounds. This bench is so heavy because it’s made with heavy duty steel construction. Ironmaster didn’t include any light aluminum parts, they wanted to give you maximum quality.

Another reason the bench is so sturdy, is that it comes assembled for you! Ironmaster wanted to assemble the bench perfectly before shipping it to you, instead of giving you the parts and letting you assemble it yourself. A lot of times, when people end up with a wobbly bench, it has to do with the way they assembled it. Ironmaster has saved you that trouble by sending it to you 80-90% pre-assembled.

The Ironmaster Superbench PRO Comes Almost Fully Pre-Assembled

This is probably one of my favorite things about it. I mean, I could probably assemble it myself, but I’d rather just get it professionally assembled and delivered to my door that way.

an image from the manual of the superbench pro, showing it comes almost fully pre assembled

So, if you look there on the top, that whole frame is already put together when you get it. All you have to do is attach the feet, which is relatively easy to do. You will need your own 19mm wrench and ratchet set, though. If you don’t already have those tools, you can get them while you get the bench. In general, you need tools like that for assembling different kinds of things, so its good to have them around.


weight bench that is easy to assemble

The above graphic shows you all you need to do to assemble the bench. That’s it! No exploded drawing, no multi-page, step-by-step instructions you have to follow. Just install the feet on either side, and add the emblem. Make sure to do it carefully, as instructed, to make sure everything is aligned properly. Then, you will be good to go! Ready to use the bench on the same day you get it.

What attachments can you get for the  Ironmaster Superbench PRO?

  1. Original and PRO Crunch/Situp/Decline Attachment
  2. Original and PRO Attachment
  3. Original and PRO Dip Attachment
  4. Original and PRO Pull-Up Attachment
  5. Leg Developer PRO only
  6. Preacher Bench PRO only
  7. Cable Tower PRO only (currently in development)
  8. Dumbbell Spotting Stand PRO only

ironmaster super bench PRO compatible with attachments

Because this article already has so much information, I put the information about the attachments in a separate post. You can click here to read more about the attachments for the Ironmaster Superbench PRO. The link takes you to a shorter article, where I give workout photos and some videos for each of the major attachments. Or, if you’re just interested in the bench by itself for now, then you can stay on this page.

Ironmaster Superbench PRO Workout Video

Here is a great workout video, demonstrating some of the exercises you can do with this bench. It also shows the versatility of some of the attachments. The video is actually of the Superbench, but most of the exercises still function the same way.

It gives you the most versatility of any bench, especially when you think about how easy it is to adjust. There are 11 different incline positions, and when you add the decline attachment, that amount actually doubles since you can use any of those any inclines as a decline position. Ironmaster really could have giving themselves credit for creating a 20 position adjustable bench, but I guess they wanted to leave a surprise for you!

So, where can I purchase the Ironmaster Superbench PRO?

You can click here to view the product listing for the Ironmaster Superbench PRO on Amazon. It ships very well. People have commented on how thoughtfully it was packed before shipping, as compared to some other products which are not packed so carefully. There is also a 10-year warranty, with a 1-year warranty on upholstery.

dimensions of the ironmaster superbench PRO

Ironmaster Superbench PRO Pros & Cons


  • Ease of use – Patented locking lever makes it the easiest bench to adjust! Seat also adjusts in seconds.
  • 21 total positions – 11 flat or incline settings, and an additional 10 more decline settings with attachment
  • Versatile & Expandable – Compatible with at least 6 attachments
  • Transport wheels are included
  • Other attachments are optional, so if you don’t need them, you can save the money
  • Rated for 1000 pounds flat, 600 angled
  • Wider base and back pad for more support and stability
  • Comes 80-90% pre-assembled
  • Ironmaster always offers great customer service
  • Compact design, but still big enough for an effective workout


  • Seat can only go to 2 positions – but this can be easily fixed with a block

Conclusion to Ironmaster Superbench PRO Review

Overall, this is a great bench for any beginners, intermediate or advanced lifters. Once you get this bench, you probably won’t need to replace it any time soon. If you bought a lower quality bench, it could save you some money now, but you’d eventually have to replace it. If you get the best now, it actually saves you money in some ways.

The bench looks even better in person than it does in the photos. When you see it in person, you will notice the high-quality of the craftsmanship and design. You will definitely get what you pay for, and more. The Ironmaster Superbench PRO is more than just gym equipment, it is a work of art.

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Please make a comment with any questions or concerns. Thanks for reading this article today. 

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