Body Solid Leg Press Reviews – Everything You Need to Know

Body-Solid offers a great selection of commercial-grade leg press machines for your home gym. In the Body-Solid leg press reviews in this article, I will tell you about 5 of their leg press units.

There are different kinds of leg presses to choose from. You have your standard sled leg presses, but you also have a sled leg press that converts into a hack squat machine. There’s also a vertical leg press you could try. Each option is a little different from the next. I will give you a look at each of them so you can decide what you like the best.

Body-Solid Powerline Vertical Leg Press

The Body-Solid Powerline Vertical Leg Press is probably the simplest of them all, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. All you have to do is load the weights on the top, and then lay down to do your leg presses. Because it is vertical, you will be lifting 100% of the total weight, instead of a percentage like you would on a sled-based leg press.

The Powerline Leg Press gives you 3 starting and stopping positions to choose from. The back pad is made with thick padding, so that even at your heaviest weight, your back will still be comfortable. There is a head-rest to support your neck, so you can focus on training your legs.

It can also be used for calf raises. The steel press deck is made with anti-slip technology, so your feet won’t slide off. The foot plate is also extra-wide, so you can adjust your stance and target different areas of your legs.

This is great for home gyms, because the weight posts will take either Olympic or standard plates. If you have standard weights, you can load them up onto this machine. It is rated for up to 400 pounds. That is a lot of weight on a vertical leg press, especially if you use a full range of motion.

You can view more information about the vertical leg press by clicking here. It will be a great addition to your home gym, enabling you to do leg presses and calf raises safely.

Body-Solid GLP Leg Press

The Body-Solid GLP Leg Press is intended as an add-on for the G series home gyms. You will see in the picture below that it has a place to bolt onto the home gym, and a place to run the cable through to your existing weight stack.

The pulley design doubles the weight of whatever you attach to it. So, if you attach a 210 pound weight stack, you will get 420 pounds of total weight. That 2 to 1 ratio helps you make the most of your existing weights.

One person actually managed to attach this to their EXM2500S. They just bolted it on there and extended the cable a little bit to reach it. Because of the way the pulley is designed, I think you could attach this to anything with a low pulley. But it is usually intended just for the G series. It gives you a smooth feel as you are doing leg presses.

The pivoting press plate is a nice touch, because it helps you find the best angle for your feet. Click here to view the GLP Leg Press on Amazon, for the best price and shipping. Remember, you’re only supposed to get this Leg Press as an add-on to the G series home gym. It is not a stand-alone unit.

If you want a stand-alone leg press, then choose one of the other great options from this article.

Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press Hack Squat

The Body-Solid GLPH1100 will give you access to two types of machines in one, the Leg Press and the Hack Squat. Check out this video to see it in action.

This machine will allow you to do calf raises as well. The tilting foot plate has 6 different positions, allowing you to get varying degrees of stretch in your calves. It will definitely build your lower body muscles. The padding is extra strong and comfortable to make sure you can focus on your leg development.

There were people who had the machine for up to five years saying that it didn’t require any maintenance at all. That might be different in a commercial setting, where you’d have to apply lubricant every so often. But in a home gym where you will use it for one or two intense leg workouts a week, it’s nice to have something low maintenance.

The machine itself weighs about 330 pounds, but it has a small footprint. Most people appreciate that it is so compact, especially when using it at home. Because it is such a complicated machine, the assembly takes longer than other types of equipment. But, when people finish assembling it, they are glad to have it done.

It will accommodate people of different heights. People up to 6’6″ said they could use it comfortably. One person who was about 5’5″ mentioned that the leg press sled would bump the floor before they got a full range of motion, but that could be fixed by adding an extra cushion.

It is rated for up to 1000 pounds, so as long as you use a full range of motion, you will have room to keep adding more weight as needed. Click here to view the GLPH1100 on Amazon, where you can purchase it and get fast, free shipping. If you choose this leg press machine, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Body-Solid Pro Club Line SLP500G2 Leg Press

The Body-Solid Pro Club Line SLP500G2 Leg Press is a standalone unit that comes with a 210-pound selectorized weight stack. I like the idea, but I am not sure if 210 lb would be enough for someone with above-average leg strength. There was nothing on the product listing that specified the weight was doubled, like it was on the GLP leg press.

However, there was one person who said that it seems like plenty of weight for someone with above-average leg strength. So maybe the weight is multiplied buy a double pulley system. Other than that, the machine has a lot of good qualities.

The best things about it are the friction-less movement technology, and the slightly angled footplate to give you the optimum angle for leg presses. Even if you maxed out the weight stack, you could do single leg presses because the machine is perfectly balanced.

If you would like to use selectorized equipment, then this would be the best one for you. The only issue is that there’s no way to add more weight to the weight stack. It would have been better, if Body-Solid provided some kind of posts for you to add some additional weight plates.

Click here to check out the Pro Club Line Leg Press on Amazon. But pick a different leg press from this article, if you would like something plate loaded. A plate loaded leg press would give you room to add a lot more weight in the future.

Body-Solid Leverage Leg Press

This is actually my favorite leg press machine. Anytime I have done any kind of squatting or leg pressing exercises, I have always noticed that you get the most tension on a muscle where they are weakest, and the least tension on the muscle where they are strongest. That is unless you use some kind of exercise bands to create variable resistance. But, this machine solves that problem. Check out this video.

If you look at the way the plates move when he is doing a leg press, you can see that it creates a variable resistance. He has more resistance when his legs are closer to being straight. I think that is great for quadriceps development. It keeps continuous tension on the legs, instead of getting easier when your legs are straight.

I also really like the pivoting foot pad. Instead of having the foot pad fixed in place, they let it rotate on a horizontal axis, so you can always get the right angle for your feet.

You can actually adjust the seat back even further, to change the angle of your leg press. That helps you activate different muscle fibers. It also helps you find what’s best for you, to avoid straining your back or your knees.

It is rated for up to 1,000 pounds. So there is lots of room to grow with this machine. You can click here to view this Body-Solid Leverage Leg Press on Amazon. It will be complicated to build, but when you are done, it will give you some of the best leg workouts.

Thank you for reading my Body-Solid Leg Press Reviews!

I hope that this article has helped you choose a leg press machine. Having a good leg press can take your leg workouts to the next level.

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  1. These are really wonderful suggestions of leg-press machines. I have been on search for a really good device that can help develop the muscles of the leg for some time now. My son is a footballer and is quite interested in developing the muscles of his leg. The previous machines doesn’t really do the required task. Which of these machine would you suggest I get to help with it? 

  2. Hello there, thanks for this sharing these nice post. I have only recently start considering putting up a gym for myself and my kids because they pay quite a lot to register at a gym. I have been looking up on various machine to put at the gym and I’m happy to see these wonderful suggestions of leg-press machines. I’ll get the Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press Hack Squat. Thanks for sharing. 

  3. Hello there, thanks for this sharing these nice post. I have only recently start considering putting up a gym for myself and my kids because they pay quite a lot to register at a gym. Most especially my daughter who is obsessed with squats.  I’ll get the Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press Hack Squat for her.  Thanks for sharing. 

    • Thank you. That’s a good point, if you have the whole family going to the gym, then it makes even more sense to have your own home gym. It will pay for itself even sooner that way.

  4. The nice-looking site and lots of good info for people who want to build a home gym. If I wouldn’t be training for competitions +15years and starting from the beginning, I would like to make something like this. This bodysolid leg press hack squat combination looks good and solid build, leg press needs hundreds of kilos to have even some workload. On the other hand, only very useful exercises for legs are different squads and some sort of power rack would be the best option for that .

  5. Hi, I have a question. My son has a home gym, but he concentrates a lot on his upper body. He does not have a leg press, and as far as I know, he doesn’t go to the gym for his legs either. What would you recommend for a “beginner” to the leg press? Thank you for reviewing many different choices. I am looking forward to your response. 

    • For a beginner to training legs, I think doing a squat rack would be a better idea. A squat rack would give a more basic exercise and also give him options for lots of different barbell exercises. Actually, if he’s just starting to train his legs, he could just do bodyweight squats for now. Then when that gets too easy, advance to a squat rack.

  6. The importance of getting those legs fit cannot be overemphasized. It’s not a good thing to have a well built body and the lower part doesn’t look well made too, one will look like Johny Bravo. Lol. Okay so this are really good machines and I think I should snatch one up myself since I’ve been building my own home gym. The machines price can be quite expensive though but they’re of good value so why not.

    • Thank you John. Yes it’s good to build your legs and balanced with your upper body strength. As long as you keep lower body workouts in your routine then you will have good balance. I always think that if someone trains upper body without training lower body, they’ll get to a point where their legs aren’t strong enough to carry the weight they need to do dumbbell presses with or something like that, you know what I mean?

  7. Rather interesting to read on this equipment as I am looking to building my home gym. My house us really far from the main town and there is need for me to get dome major equipments that can help me to get started with my home gym. Thankfully you shared all these tips with me and it has really awoken my interest in this equipment. Thanks for also sharing the ways to which we can lubricate it. Cheers

  8. I am just learning that there are several ways I could do my leg press, thanks to you. I think that I like the one on the incline as shown in the video. Is there an advantage in using it over the vertical press ? I like the fact that I can make variations with how much resistance I take on my calves. The price is not outrageous. Thanks for this review

    • Thank you for your comment. I think it is pretty much based on preference. I would probably prefer a 45 degree leg press or the horizontal leg press instead of the vertical leg press.

  9. Hi Charles, 

    The most difficult part to train is the leg. I tried sometimes and watch my gym mates did leg training many times, we came to the same conclusion: “It’s extremely painful, but we need it to make our body stronger and healthier!” 

    I found Body-Solid GLPH1100 and Body-Solid LVLP are my types of things, but it’s lack of the comparison between this two in the post. It may be good if we could know the differences in the last paragraphs, then we could make a better decision. 

    I like the most from this article is the videos you attached, and it helps a lot no matter we are going to buy a new leg press machine or simply try it at the gym. Anyway, love it a lot and will definitely come back seeing your new articles often.

    • Thanks Matt. Yeah, I didn’t learn how to make comparison tables until my later articles. It would be good to go back and update this one with a comparison table. A lot of my earlier articles, I didn’t know all the stuff I know for my newer ones. 

  10. Thank you for the wealth of information provided regarding the leg press. I see why the Body Solid leg press is your preference. Seems to provide strengthening options that could benefit all types of workouts.

    Thanks for the great review!

  11. Thank you for posting the advantages of this machine- It is a great machine with fabulous performance for those who are looking to have home exercise .
    The leg exercise is the most important exercise for the body and if someone is looking to do exercise at home.
    I will definitely be looking to buy this machine in the next one year as soon as I am ready to do exercise at home.

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