Body Solid GPR378 Reviews – Everything You Need to Know

The Body-Solid GPR378 is a commercial grade power cage. If you want to increase your muscle and strength gains, the Body-Solid GPR378 is what you need. It is a strong, safe and sturdy power cage for free weight, body weight and cable exercises.

This power cage will give you the ability to do just about any lift. If you are researching power cages for your home gym, then the GPR378 is one you will want to look into. To find out everything you need to know about this power cage, please read my Body-Solid GPR378 reviews in this article.

Here is an image of the GPR378:

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GPR378 User Experience

The video below demonstrates the use of the GPR378 for squats and pull-ups. It also shows someone adjusting the height setting on the power cage.

This is a heavy duty power cage for serious barbell training. You will be able to do bench presses, incline or decline presses, overhead presses, pull ups, barbell rows, deadlifts, squats and more! There are add-ons available to enable you to do dips and cable exercises.


The racks and safety pins are easy to adjust, so you will be able to switch from one exercise to another smoothly, during your workouts. You could get a full body workout with the GPR378.


Safety Features

The spotting racks and the J Hooks can be adjusted into 20 different positions. Each position is separated by a 3-inch increment. The J hooks can be moved to either side of the power cage, front or back.

When you get your power cage, take some time to figure out what height setting is right for each of your squatting and pressing exercises. If one setting is too high, but then the next setting down is too low, you could always put a shim under your bench or under your feet. That will help you fine-tune the settings even further.

Stability/Will it wobble or tip?

The design is very sturdy. The GPR378 weighs 225 lb when fully assembled, so it will barely move even when you are re racking heavyweights. Do you pull up a bar is also sturdy and strong. People have done pull ups on this with up to 300 lb of total weight, and it has not wobbled.

If yours has a slight wobble after you put it together, it is because everything is not aligned properly. There is a quick fix for that. Loosen all the bolts by a half turn, and then hang from all four corners of the top. That will force the rack into alignment.

In the next section, I will talk about the design of the GPR378, and explain how it can be so sturdy.

GPR378 Design

The frame is made from heavy-duty, high tensile strength steel. The 11 gauge steel features an all-four-side welded construction. The hardware supplied is oversized, and industrial strength. Each column is 3″ by 3″.

This choice of Premium materials contributes to the strength and safety of the GPR378.

Safety bars

To move the safety bars and J Hooks, you just push them out to the side and then pull backwards. Then you can adjust them to a higher or lower setting.

This mechanism gives you a lot of convenience, without sacrificing any weight capacity. The holes along the side fit the one inch solid steel pins, so they will not break.


The enamel paint looks great and resists chipping. The welds are clean and look professional. The simple grey and black color scheme will go well with any existing home gym equipment.


Building the GPR378 could take anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours, depending on your skill level. Most people said it was done within 2 hours. It might help to have a friend to hold the upright beams in place as you put everything together, but it can be done alone.

The assembly mainly just involves identifying the parts based on the drawing, then threading the bolts through, and tightening the nuts. Make sure you get all the bolts through first, then go back and fully tighten them. That will ensure that everything is aligned correctly.

Nuts, Bolts, and Washers

The nuts, bolts and washers come in three numbered packages. That makes them easier to identify, and helps you build the GPR378 step-by-step.

Make sure you use the longer bolts to hold the frame together. The initial part of the instructions was said to have instructed you to use the wrong bolts. Body-Solid may have fixed this, since their user manual is available online. As soon as someone brought up the issue in the comments, Body-Solid informed their engineers. That shows their attentive customer service.

Tools required

To tighten the nuts, you will just need a 19mm wrench and 19mm socket.

Product specifications

You can find the product data sheet here.

Size: 49″ x 46″ x 80″

You will want to have at least a 7″ x 8″ space in order to use this power cage, in order to accommodate a 7″ barbell and perhaps the bench or lat-pulldown add-ons.

Weight: 225 Pounds

Fully assembled, the GPR378 weighs 225 pounds.

Rated Load: 800 Pounds

The GPR378 is rated for up to 800 pounds. There were some reviewers who reported squatting 700 pounds on it with no trouble.

Compatible with 7ft Olympic barbells

The GPR378 is too wide for a standard barbell, unless you use an adapter. It is mainly intended for use with a 7 foot Olympic barbell.

Power cage with weight set

You can buy a combo-pack which includes the GPR378 and a weight set of your choosing.

You could choose a 200, 300, 400, 500 or 600 pound Olympic weight set on that page. If you are just a beginner, and don’t know how much you will lift, the 200 or 300 pound set will be fine. If you know how much weight you will need, then just round up to the next available weight set.

Shipping information

If you order your GPR378 by clicking here, you can get fast, free shipping. You will also get fast, free shipping from any other link on this page.

Body Solid GPR378 Reviews

Comes in three separate boxes

You can find the exact dimensions and weight of each box by clicking here.

Be careful lifting them as you bring them inside. Also, keep them horizontal. If you hold the packages in a vertical position they might break, due to the weight of the contents.

Price and purchasing

The best place to buy this is at Amazon. This widget will show you the current price:

If the widget does not appear, you can click here to view the product listing.

I think you will be happy with this purchase. It is not the least expensive power cage, but it is very durable. If you want to know your best options for power cages under $300, click here.

Options and add-ons

There are a lot of great options and add-ons available for the GPR378. You could get a cable station, dip bars, a bench and/or weights.

Additional lift offs

Additional lift-offs would be helpful if you want to be able to rack multiple barbells at the same time. You could put one set on the front uprights and the other set on the rear uprights.

Click here to view additional liftoffs on Amazon!

Dip Attachment

This is a great add-on for total upper body development. Doing dips will help you develop your lower chest and triceps muscles. Not only does this attachment to give you a variety of grips for dips, but it also allows you to do hammer grip pull ups and bodyweight rows.

Click here to view the dip attachment on Amazon. Another way to do dips at home would be to get a Power Tower. You can click here to find Power Towers at a similar price to this dip attachment. It would just depend if you want to save the space, or actually have a few different pieces of equipment available for something like super set workouts.

Lat Pull Down Attachment

You could buy the lat pulldown attachment as a separate item, or as part of a combo package.

Click here to view the lat pulldown attachment by itself.

This lat pulldown attachment is intended to feel like the same quality of the pull-down machine you would use in your gym. That uses two cylindrical guideposts to give you a smooth exercise. Here is the link to purchase a combo package with the GPR378 and a pull-down station:

Click here to view the combo package on Amazon. You can select it with hi there a 200 lb weight stack or a 300 lb weight stack. You could also get one with the weight posts and no selectorized weight stack, if you already have enough weight plates and can live without the convenience of selectorized equipment.

This lat pulldown attachment also gives you a low pulley, so that you can do a variety of cable exercises. You could do rear deltoids, chest flyes, tricep pressdowns, cable overhead extensions, cable curls and cable leg curls, just to name a few.


Power Cage + Bench

This power cage does not come with a bench included. But you could tack that onto your order at checkout if you do not already have a bench.

Click here to view the GFID31 on Amazon, which is rated for 600 lb. Or, click here to view the GFID71 on Amazon, which is rated for 800 lb. They are both commercial grade weight benches made with extra strong DuraFirm padding.

Another great thing about them is they are easy to adjust. You can see the adjustment mechanism in the photos. It is much more convenient than having to pull out a pin every time you want to change the bench. A bench will allow you to do a lot more different exercises.


Power cage + Bench + 300-500 Pound Weight Set

There is a combo package you can get with a 300 or 500 Pound weight set. Both come with an Olympic Barbell, Olympic Plates, and the GFID71 Bench.

Click here to view the GPR378 + Bench + 300 pound weight set on amazon. 300 pounds is plenty of weight for a beginner, but if you’ve been lifting a while, you might need more than 300 pounds on some exercises.

Click here to view the GPR378 + Bench + 500 pound weight set on Amazon. This is a great value, as it costs you less than buying each component separately.

Power Cage + Bench + Lat Pulldown + More!

This package includes everything except for the Olympic weight set. You get the GPR378 power cage, an industrial strength GFID31 Bench, the GLA378 Lat Pulldown Attachment, and more!

Click here to view the GPR378 power cage + GFID31 Bench + GLA378 Lat Pulldown + more on Amazon.

You also get a 200 pound selectorized weight stack with this package. I have a lot of experience with plate loaded equipment and I will tell you that selectorized equipment is much more convinient.

If you get this complete package, you will have a serious home gym going. If you want to know another way to do lat pulldowns at home, click here to view my article on a DIY Lat Pulldown setup.

Thank you for reading my Body-Solid GPR378 Reviews.

This is an extremely durable power cage. You will be able to pass it on to future generations, because it will last a long time. It comes with an in-home and commercial warranty from Body-Solid. If you’re looking for a solid, strong, sturdy power cage, for a low price, then the GPR378 is perfect for you.

Click here to view the GPR378 on Amazon.

Please post a comment with your questions or thoughts. And here are some other related articles I’ve written. These might be of interest to you, if you are building a home gym.

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Have a great workout!

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  1. My husband and I are trying to build our home gym but is hard finding the right equipment. We were interested in the GPR378 to do squats and pull-ups because it looks safe to us.

    I appreciate your review and the fact that is available in Amazon store. Great job thank you!

  2. I decided to research more on body solids gpr378 when it was suggested to me by a friend having heard that I and my hubby are trying to build a mini gym and cut costs on it. So, this review has really given me a detailed overview of what to expect from using this equipment.
    I thought it was cool and we will definitely give it a go. Thanks

    • Thank you Tracy. I’m glad you liked the review. It is a good power cage and I am considering to get it when I upgrade my power cage as well. That’s the main reason I made the review.

  3. I’ve read a few of your reviews and Body Solid seems like a great company with great products. I really like that they have lifetime warranties. I am not sure what my son would be interested in, but I am going to show him your website because you have a lot of great information and reviews in it. Thank you so much!

    • Thank you Bonnie. Yes, lately I’m doing a lot of Body Solid stuff. They said I could use their images, so it’s easy to write about their products. 

  4. Great review about the Body Solid GPR378, very thorough and extensive, I’m a fanatic in exercise and gym training as well, i lately considering to do some training at home as well(safely of course), i like the package with the bench that is included as well, considering i do a lot of chest training at the moment, because it’s the area where i am currently lacking the most,

    I did a lot of pull ups, squats, biceps, triceps, back, six pack and leg training, i want to do more training at home, because, well.. it just save me more time and it’s more comfortable, there is not a lot of people around either, besides myself, i absolutely love the safe and security that this power cage provides, I’m definitely going for it,

    Thanks for this review!


    • Thanks Mark. Yes, it’s a good idea to use the power cage so you can train safely. Doing some chest workouts will be good especially if you already do some back workouts with the Pull-Ups.

  5. I am trying to decide what equipment I should buy to get my home gym together instead of paying a monthly fee to an outside gym. I like the fact that this is sturdy, that I could adjust heights and the whole thing is operable in one small area. If I bought equipment to do my seated exercises(as I do now) like quads and lower abs, how would this rack accomodate it? Would I have to place it in a separate area.

    • What kind of equipment do you use for the seated exercises, is it like a Roman chair or a leg extension machine? You might be able to do it in the power cage or you might need to do it in a separate space to the side. But you could also do quadriceps and lower abs with the power cage, using exercises like squats and leg raises.

  6. Hi Charles,

    Here I come again, love this article and it’s so helpful. GPR 378 looks so solid for training any parts of our body for both female and male gym rats. Haha…I also like all the photo that you attached in this post, and all of them are so easy to understand the movement you are saying. 

    Among all the movements, I like to do dips the most for my chest. When I see there is an attachment for dips, it’s really hard to describe how I feel “This is it!” in my mind. A question for this power cage – GPR 378 is does it come with the complimentary assembly service? I am very bad at this. 🙁

    • Thanks Matt. I think you can get professional assembly for any gym equipment, from someone in your local area. It would probably cost at least 100 dollars. I don’t know if Amazon can provide it but when they provide assembly it costs around 100 dollars.

  7. Yeah, great, my husband told me that he wants to buy a pull-up device for exercising, but he is worried that the equipment is not strong. I read the Body Solid GPR378 product you introduced. I think it is very good. I asked my husband’s opinion to see if he thought it was good, and if he could, he would buy it.

  8. Hi Charles – This is a pretty cool piece of equipment, a little on the high end for me in terms of price $645. I like that it’s very adaptable in terms of the add-ons like the cable station, dip bars, can get a nice full body workout. In terms of the design it looks like it’s well made and sturdy for safety purposes. The other nice feature that I like is that it allows you to mix up your workouts between free weights, body weight, and cables which can help you save time. Thanks for the post!

    • Thank you Jeff. It is a pretty nice power cage I recently made another article about taller power cages and there are so many to choose from.

  9. For the fitness buff this will be a great product. I think if you have the space this will be ideal. My husband will enjoy this as does not like a gym full of people. The information given is comprehensive and informative.  Links also gives me great insight into the cost of this product, so something to save for. The anks for great review.  

  10. This is a great review! You have included lots of details, and photos. A picture is worth 1000 words. You also included a video, which I was very appreciative of. If the photo is worth 1000 words, a video is worth 1 million.

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