Body-Solid GPR370 Reviews – Everything You Need to Know

The Body-Solid GPR370 is an industrial strength power rack. It is designed to help you work out more safely and effectively, increasing your muscle and strength gains.

If you are wondering if it is for you, please read my Body-Solid GPR370 reviews in this article. The barbell racks, safeties and plate storage are just the beginning. The GPR370 is one of the best power racks you can get for your home gym, and I will tell you why.

Here is a picture of the multi-press rack:

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If you were looking for a review of the GPR378 instead, which is a full power cage,
please click here. Otherwise, continue reading.

Using the GPR370

Here is a video, demonstrating squats, overhead presses, incline and flat bench presses:

The power rack gives you 14 different positions where you can place the barbell. Because they are spaced close together, you can actually walk the bar up the rack without taking off the plates.

That’s useful for when you do a squat or pressing movement to failure, and want to return to the starting position.


You can also use the racks for deadlifts, shrugs, rows and even pull-ups! Some people place a barbell in the top position and do pull-ups from there. You would just have to use more energy to keep your legs from touching the floor.

The GPR370 is extremely versatile. It can take the place of multiple other pieces of gym equipment, if you know how to use free weights effectively. Many people place the GPR370 at the center of their home gyms.

Easy to Adjust

The hooks on the rack are permanently in place, so there is no need to adjust the J-hooks every time you change exercises. The spotter arms are easy to move as well. You won’t have to take much time to swap from one exercise to another.


The spotting arms can be moved in close increments, giving you the chance to find the perfect height for your presses or squats. When you build the GPR370, test your range of motion on each exercise with an empty barbell.

Determine the correct height for the spotter racks on each exercise and make a note of that somewhere. The pins are numbered so it will be easy to keep track. Setting the spotter racks in the right position will ensure your safety, even if you take a chance for one more rep.


The safeties are each 17″ long, and made of 2″ by 3″ 11-Gauge steel. That, combined with the angled design of the GPR370, gives you plenty of room to move in a natural path through squats and presses.

When squatting, make sure to position yourself just right so that you are within the bounds of the safety arms. Same thing with bench presses. Make sure you place the bench so that the bar path is directly over the safety spotting arms.

The hooks on the power rack easily trap the bar, so when you re-rack it, it won’t fall out. Make sure that when you rack the bar, it goes all the way in. You will get a feel for it as you use the equipment.


Because of the wide base and the front angle, it’s impossible to tip the GPR370 over. It will not wobble, even when re-racking 300 pounds or more.

You can place weights on the weight tree to add even more stability. The GPR370 stays put without being bolted to the ground.


The uprights on the main frame are set at a 7 degree reverse pitch. That’s to help accommodate the body’s natural movement arc while pressing weights.

The safeties can easily be adjusted by rotating them in and out of the locking position. They can be adjusted all the way from the floor to the highest position on the uprights. They are made of heavy duty 2″ x 3″ 11-Gauge steel, to support the heaviest of weights.



Most people put this machine together by themselves in about an hour. It might help to have a partner while assembling this machine, because then one person could hold the middle piece between the two sides as you put it all together. But, as long as you can come up with a way to hold both pieces in place, you will be okay.

The instructions are clear. They give plenty of detail for you to follow. Click here to preview the user manual.

Make sure to take your time. Follow the diagrams carefully. This way you won’t have to take it apart and put it back together again later.

The user manual includes pictures of the screws scaled to actual-size. That helps you be certain that you’re using the right screw.

Dimensions and Specifications

If you are thinking of placing the GPR370 in your home gym, you will want to know its size, weight and specifications. Click here to download the Product Data Sheet for the GPR370. Alternatively, you can continue reading the article, and I will tell you the information.

Size: 74″ H x 45″ L x 64″ W

It is relatively solid and compact when compared to a power cage.

The rack has 47″ of space between the uprights. That is wide enough for most people to grip the bar when doing bench presses or squats.

You will need about a 7 foot by 8 foot area to comfortably use this equipment. That is counting the barbell and bench, whether you already have those, or whether you get the combination pack. (More about that later!) The rack’s height allows it to fit in basement gyms with lower ceilings.

Weight: 140 pounds

It is heavy enough that it won’t wobble, slide or tip when you are re-racking the bar. The weight comes from the heavy-duty steel construction. Once it is assembled, you may need someone’s help if you wanted to move it across the room.

Rated Load: 1000 pounds

The uprights are rated for 1000 pounds. There is no rating provided specifically for the safety spotting arms. People who own this product said they put up to 325 pounds on the furthest point of the spotting arms, without any trouble. Chances are, due to the heavy duty steel construction, they are rated for much more than that.

Compatible Weights: 7 foot barbell, Olympic weights

There is 47″ of space between each of the uprights. That means it would be too wide for a 5 foot or 6 foot barbell. The weight posts are 2″ in diameter, so they will only hold Olympic plates.

You could technically still use a standard barbell if you add some spacers. But the GPR370 is really made to be used with Olympic weights.

Fast, Free Shipping

When you order this product from Amazon, you will get fast, free ground shipping. Select free shipping at check out.

Body-Solid GPR370 Reviews

Arrives in 2 Boxes

Box 1:
66″ L by 7.5″ W by 5.5″ H
(82 lbs)

Box 2:
52.5″ L by 12.8″ W by 6.8″ H
(82 lbs)

Price and Purchasing

Click here to check the current price on Amazon. That is where you will find the best price as well as the best shipping. There are less expensive power racks out there, but they do not quite match the quality of this one.

Compared to other power racks of this quality, this is actually lower in price. Remember you are getting a commercial grade, industrial-strength multi press rack when you buy the GPR370.

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Combo-Pack with Bench and Weights

There is also a combo pack available. It comes with a 300 lb Olympic weight set, with rubberized grip plates, and a commercial grade high quality adjustable weight bench.

This weight bench will make things easier because it has built-in wheels. It is heavy duty, but it will not be difficult to move. That goes with the theme of the GPR370, being as easy as possible to switch between exercises. Click here to view the combination package on Amazon.


As per the Product Data Sheet, this equipment is covered with a Lifetime Commercial Warranty for the frame and welds, and a Lifetime In-Home Warranty for the frame, welds, and all hardware.

Thank You for Reading my Body-Solid GPR370 Reviews!

I hope that my Body-Solid GPR370 Reviews helped you to learn something you didn’t already know. With this industrial strength power rack, you can use free weights safely and effectively, to make great gains at home.

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Please post any questions or concerns in the comments section. Have a great workout!

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  1. The warranty kinds of give me a reason to give this product a serious considerations. Getting a life warranty doesn’t come ecerytime and seeing such an opportunity for such a great utility product as this, I would be ecstatic to take advantage of this. Body solid gpr370 seems just like the perfect tool to add to my mini gym as I’m trying to cut cost on all my purchases in the gym. Tha ks so much for this

  2. When considering all the gym equipment I have encounter inside this website, especially the dumbbells, there will be different styles of some that have thesame function. Everything are just eye catching. Here come another gym set. I haven’t used or seen this type of equipment before. Getting will be a great idea. Is every part of this equipment made up of only iron?

    • I think some parts are made of rubber, like the foot pads. But everything that has to Bear any load is definitely made of heavy gauge steel.

  3. Hi, my son has a home gym already, but he doesn’t have a multi press rack like this. He does have a bench already. I’m not sure what it is, but will this rack accommodate any type of bench? I do like the lifetime warranty, it makes me feel comfortable purchasing from Body-Solid.

  4. My husband sat at work for a long time because of his work. He has very little time to exercise. I saw the Body-Solid GPR370 fitness equipment that you introduced. It is very fashionable and simple, because I saw you introduce it. The GPR370 is extremely versatile. Many people place the GPR370 at the center of their home gyms.
    I am preparing to buy it and use it as a gift for my husband.

  5. I am reading these reviews because I am trying to find a way to build and use a home gym efficiently. Right now I have some equipment but they are place all around the room aphazardly and I haven’t, before this, thought about aligning and storing my weights in a orderly way. Thanks for the introduction to the rack. I need a rack.I don’t think I need the combo, just the rack. I like the ability to work the bar at different heights and easily work out without having to take off the weights entirely each time. Thanks for the information

    • Thanks JJ. I think you will like the GPR370 then. It could help you have a more organized workout. As long as you know where everything is, then its fine. You don’t need a perfectly organized gym, just as long as you can get a good workout.

  6. Hi Charles, 

    It’s really hard not to arrive at your blog when I search gym gears on Google haha…This power rack looks so industrial, not like the power cages in your other post which I like the most! It’s a bit different from the normal one but with more flexibility on GPR 370! The best part from it is the lifetime warranty, so we could believe the quality is nothing to worry about since the company provides the guarantee. I think a family who cares about their health should also purchase this with weight set. The husband could so heavy-weight training at home, and the wife or children could use the weight plate to train the core or abs. It’s like killing two or more birds with just one set of power racks. Love it!

    • Thanks Matt. Yes, recently I’ve heard how having a home gym helps even more when the whole family does workouts. When the whole family does workouts, then you get even more value out of the equipment. 

  7. This is good information on working out in a more safe and effective manner.  The images do a good job in helping to describe the features of this product.

    Good video on demonstrating the various techniques.  

    It’s impressive that the Power Rack has fourteen (14) different positions.  I like the fact that it is easy to adjust the Rack. With a sturdy base and the safeties which are provided, this is a good piece of equipment.  

    I also like the fact that the instructions are clear so that it can be easily assembled.  Another benefit of this is the free shipping.  It seems you get high quality at a fair price with a lifetime warranty.  

    Thanks for this informative post.  All the Best.

  8. This power rack looks like an excellent choice for those who like to lift free weights.  I like to use weights- and after reading this review will definitely consider getting one of these.  I like how there are 14 different adjustments so if I was struggling I could place the bar on the lowest fitting.  This power rack definitely looks safer to use as well than many of the ones I’ve seen.  I had a friend get hurt really bad using one of these before.  I am sure he would not have if he was using this one! Thanks for the great review. 

    • Thanks Misty. What were they doing when they got hurt? This type of a power rack offers a lot of safety features . Hopefully it would help them stay safe.

  9. this gym equipment is very cool, i like the design and allows us to be able to exercise with one plus value, easily sent and delivered properly it allows us to get many benefits when buying this product, I’m very interested. Setting the spotter racks in the right position will ensure safety, even if we take a chance for one more rep , i like this, seems easy to use,

    the best choice.

  10. Wow! This is awesome. I saw this body solid Gpr 370 at a friend’s place and instantly fell in love with it, but didn’t know if it will be right for me.

    But reading your review has given me the full insight into what its really about and how it works and I must say I am loving it more.

    And I love the measure that has been taken to make sure it’s very safe. Safety is one of the things I consider when deciding to pick any equipment.

    I checked it out on Amazon but unfortunately, they can’t ship to were I reside (UK).

    Have got any other place I can check it out ?

    Thanks for sharing.


  11. Hi, Charles. 

    I enjoyed reading your post.  Funny that you should add the bit about not seeing the image.  I couldn’t but don’t know where to shut off the ad blocker.

    I have had experience with this sort of equipment at our local gym.  the gym equipment was heavy duty but this would definitely fit the bill in a home gym.

    That said, form the video I can definitely see the safety factors of this equipment with the weights all in one place, the 14 height settings for the bar and a bench that can be moved out of the way for the other exercises you mention.  The extra weights on the bars for storage would make the stability that much greater.

    Pretty much the full package there and, again, I like the safety features.

    If I had space I would have to go for the whole package: stand, bench and weights. I had some trouble finding a price on Amazon though.  Could you help us out with that?  


    • Thanks Wayne. They didn’t list the price on the Amazon listing? I thought they had it. If you click around the listing you’ll find the price, sometimes under “other sellers”, maybe they will list the price again soon though.

      In my newer articles, I’m going to be getting some images that won’t be dependent on the ad blocker. Amazon’s images are dependent on the ad blocker. At one point I want to loop back around to these articles and replace the images too, so ad blockers wouldn’t affect the page.

  12. Hi.

    Thank you for your honest review of Body-Solid GPR370. I have read your entire post because I was in-search of it, I need it for my home gym. Your post helped me much to know details about it. You have nicely described each and everything about Body-Solid GPR370 and the information was enough to choose it. You have mentioned how to use it, how it works, it’s advantages, warranty, compatible weights, price and so on. I think the information you provided is enough to know about Body-Solid GPR370.

    I am gonna share this post others so that they might be helped. I will definitely try to get it. Thanks again.

  13. Hello, I was wondering. Does this still come with free shipping with a regular amazon account? (Not having Amazon Prime account?) It is a very nice piece of equipment but most items this hefty (a whole140 pounds!) do not come with free shipping without owning an Amazon Prime Account. Thank you for your valuable time in answering this question. 

  14. The GPR370 looks good to me. My first thought was how useful his would have been when I had equipment in my parents’ garage as a teenager. I did heavy squats, calf raises and military presses by cleaning the barbell to my shoulders, That worked okay, but with bench presses, I was either taking risks with heavier weight or not going heavy enough for fear of being caught beneath the weight (which actually happened). 

    Also, the capacity to do incline bench presses is something I appreciate, especially since the angles can be set in many different ways. It is nice to have a “spotter” built into the device.

    My bottom line for this: a great way to work heavy but with safety. An excellent product and warranty! And the total package, including barbells, bench, etc. makes it even more appealing.


    • Thankyou Richard. Wow, power cleaning the weight before starting each exercise. That’s a lot harder than using a squat rack. But you must have gotten very good at power cleans.

  15. Can you provide me a link to a seller of this set in Amazon that sells “used GPR370”? Preferably a seller that sells to the Philippines. I need this equipment but I’m afraid I can’t afford the brand new version of this set that’s why I’m looking for someone who sells “second hand” GPR370 that’s complete with a bench.

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