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Hi everyone and welcome to buildingyourhomegym.com. My name is Charles. I started lifting weights when I was very young and I have always enjoyed it.

Physical therapy helped me get back into lifting.

Around 2014 I developed some injuries that prevented me from lifting weights until recently. Towards the end of 2018, I found some physical therapy that really worked for me.
I have been trying all along to rehabilitate my shoulders and knees, along with other physical issues, for a few years. But I was just not doing the right kind of physical therapy yet. I will talk more specifically about the types of physical therapy that have actually worked for me throughout this website.

I am very happy to be able to lift weights again, the way I used to when I was younger. Right now I am 29 years old and I feel the strongest and healthiest I have felt in many years. I might even feel the best I have felt in my whole life because not only am I lifting the way I did when I was younger, but I also have healthier lifestyle habits now.

I put together a simple home gym that has worked great.

There were a couple things about going to commercial gyms which I did not like. One of them was that I had no control over the music. Another one was the drive. Another one was waiting for equipment that someone else was using, or feeling rushed to finish on some equipment because someone else wanted to use it.
I had a power cage assembly in my garage when I was younger and I put it back together at the end of 2018 so that I could begin using it for physical therapy. It made it so much easier to do my exercises everyday. I found out how to create a DIY cable station and how to do a very wide variety of exercises with a simple and affordable selection of equipment.
I could see how some people would prefer to go to a commercial gym, but for me I like having my own home gym.

I learned some things from making my own home gym that I did not find anywhere else on the internet.

I made this website so that I could compile all the different ways of using simple exercise equipment to get a great workout. There are a lot of DIY things that I figured out that enabled me to be able to replace machines like the pec deck with a simple cable attachment, but they work much better than your typical standing fly or standing reverse fly.

There is also a lot of fancier equipment that becomes affordable when you are not paying money each month to a gym. I will try to point out the best places to buy each type of equipment. That is because I have done a lot of my own research and I intend to continue adding more and more equipment to my home gym. Sometimes having a dedicated machine is more convenient than a DIY setup.

there are also a lot of other nuances that I learned about when putting together my home gym, like do you have to make it on a cement floor, or can it be on a second-story floor. I will get into the specifics of all of that stuff as I compile the information on this website.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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